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Photographers in Tilburg

Looking for a photographer in Tilburg? has a list of talented photographers. Tilburg is a city in the province North Brabant and has over 200 thousand inhabitants. The city is a mix of traditional and modern architecture. Tilburg also has the tallest residential tower in the Netherlands, the Westpoint tower. The vertical and horizontal concrete elements of the grid at the front and the back of the tower are painted in different colors. At night, lights in different colors decorate the tower. Tilburg is a inspiring place for all kind of photographers.

We interviewed photographer Robert Sanders from Tilburg for this article:

He says about himself:“ When I was a kid I already loved to see the world trough a lens of a camera. From my first money I bought my own camera. I went to school of photography in The Netherlands where I learned to use the technics and posibilites of photography. I became assistant/photographer at Peter-Jac Steenmans studio in Tilburg and created my own style here. When the analogue time went over in digital I was triggered by all new possibilities in photography. I learned the great possibilities of working in photoshop. Inspired by that I went a little further and created my own way of creativity called Funtographix. Since the beginning of 2015 I'm the proud owner my new studio in Tilburg. Besides my passion of studio work I love to work with my camera on the sports fields. Especially field hockey is what I admire.’’ 

We asked Robert to give us some insights about photo hot spots in the city:

One of the hot spots for taking pictures in Tilburg is De Heuvel. It is the central square in Tilburg and the most important shopping street, de Heuvelstraat, leads up to it. In 1419 ‘den Hoevel’ was mentioned for the first time. In 2008 the square was completely rebuilt. De Heuvel has a statue of King William II, who proudly looks over the city he loved so much. It is a great location with a church and lots of shopping possibilities. The square is Perfect place for event photographers in Tilburg or why also for untraditional wedding photos.

Another hot spot for taking photos is called Spoorzone. A 75-hectare area in the city center. Here its possible to see how proud Tilburg people are on their past. Here they show old and new, rough and refined,work and life merge. Mix that is unconventional and different. The Railway Zone is developed based on five pillars: pride, future, blend, wow and snowmobiling. Words that say a lot about the area, its destination and residents. The area is still being developed but its most definitely going to be a photography hot spot for the future. This area is interesting for anyone who is into finding a location for wedding photography in Tilburg. photographers from Tilburg:

On there are around 40 photographers listed around Tilburg area for different categories. Are you looking for wedding photographer in Tilburg? Or maybe you want to find a portrait photographer or someone into pregnancy photography? Many talented photographers can be found in Tilburg through But there are also some well known and talented names that are originally from Tilburg. For example Frans Lahaye . When it comes to creative photography, with the emphasis on people, Frans Lahaye is world widely known. Since 1984 he is working as an independent professional photographer in Tilburg and ever since 1989 with her wife Evelien. Together they form a great team.

Ed Mutsaers in another known photographer from Tilburg who also works as a graphical designer. He is now running his own design company. 70% graphic design, 20% photography, 10% art... and hes loving it!‘’I get to meet a lot of interesting, inspiring people and the chance to capture their stories in images.’’

Events and insights about photo life in Tilburg:

The most popular event is the big fair called "Kermis". Tilburg is famous for it since its the biggest funfair of Europe! The fair is spread over a length of over 3.5 kilometers. The funfair takes 10 days and is held every year in July, the exact starting date changes every year but it is the last full week of July.

Pink Monday, in Dutch ‘Roze Maandag’, is the most popular theme day of the yearly funfair in Tilburg, Netherlands. Last year there were over 300,000 visitors. Pink Monday has become one of the largest events that gives attention to gay rights and integration in the Netherlands. It is about acceptance, tolerance and bringing people together. This results in very fun day with lot’s of music, drinking, dressing in pink and having fun. Perfect place for event or street photographers in Tilburg.

Of course in Tilburg there are also a lot of parks that are perfect for child photography or family photos. Most popular photographic styles in Tilburg is most likely architectural, because of the history of the city. But also portraiture in Tilburg is quite popular.

Robert is a portrait photographer in Tilburg also interested in sports, fashion, baby photography, nature and family shoots. You can book Robert directly through this link: Robert Sanders

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