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Photographers in Rotterdam

Rotterdam has many talented photographers. It is the second largest city in the Netherlands. Rotterdam was rebuilt and re-planned with modern shopping areas, residential districts, and high-rises, making it one of the most modern and architecturally interesting cities in Europe. Rotterdam has also long been important as a cultural hub. Today, it's as popular a destination for its entertainment options as it also known for museums and architecture. We interviewed Truefie photographers in Rotterdam: Angelique Rademakers and Etienne Oldeman. They gave us some insights about photo life in their home city.

Here is an overview of some photo hot spots in Rotterdam city:

The Erasmusbrug is an icon of the city. Completed in 1996, there probably isn’t an angle that hasn’t been photographed. This bridge is a perfect place for architectural photographers in Rotterdam.

Cube Houses area. By crossing over the river and heading towards the market area there are plenty of surrounding cafes as well for non-market days. Apart from photographing the bustling market, you can also find the famous Cube Houses, the library the Wittehuis – the first Dutch “skyscraper” and Laurens kerk. Cube houses are definitely an inspiration for every street photographer in Rotterdam.

Euromast. The lights of the city will gradually go on and can make for some wonderful shots. Especially perfect for the night shooting.

Also harbor, Katendrecht, Erasmus Bridge, Marketplace, Kop van Zuid are worth checking out. Many parks and natural areas are perfect spots for child photography or wedding photos during summer. A lot of Truefie photographers have their own photo studio in Rotterdam city.

Hotel New York, which is located in the old Holland America Line’s head office on the Wilhelmina Pier. Even though it can be quite along the pier, the architecture is well worth it. Near the large parking area, you will find the Nederlands Fotomuseum at Wilhelminakade 332. This small photography museum is worth a stop.

Rotterdam is a vibrant city where all kind of photography styles are quite common:

Still architecture, industrial and street photography are booming in this city since there is just so many great architectural places to shoot at. lists a wide number of talented photographers in Rotterdam. Its easy to book someone for baby photography and also portrait photographer. In case you might be looking for something really special like wedding photographer in Rotterdam or someone talented for pregnancy photography then has a solution. Its easy to book and compare photographers and filter your selection by location and the budget.

Here are some of the most popular museums, events and festivals related to photography in Rotterdam:

Museumnacht takes place at more than forty locations all over Rotterdam. All museums and cultural institutions taking part are open from 8.00 p. m. until 1.00 a. m., offering a program full of entertainment that provide a slightly different view of Rotterdam. A unique opportunity to take a a look at all the art and culture Rotterdam has to offer! Museum night also holds interesting exhibitions for photographers in Rotterdam.

Summer festival. Since 2013, the Summer Carnival is part of the multi-day festival which is all about dance, music, art and poetry. This might be a perfect place for event or portrait photographer to take some great shots of people all dressed up for the carnival. Summer is a busy time for every wedding photographer so be sure to book yours in advance.

Fotomuseum. The Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam is the leading national museum of photography in the Netherlands. The museum shows every face of photography: documentary and experimental, contemporary and historical. In addition to exhibitions of major names in Dutch and international photography, the museum regularly presents work from its in-house collection. Nederlands Foto museum puts on roughly ten exhibitions every year. These alternate between historical and present-day photography and between Dutch and international work. From time to time the museum has also shows of installation art in which photography or film play a role.

Like any other vibrant and lively city has a list of great photographers. Then the same applies to Rotterdam. Have a look at Truefie platform and find a right person for wedding photography, event or portrait photography in Rotterdam.

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