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Photographers in Nijmegen

In this article we are going to introduce Nijmegen from a photographers point of view by introducing the photo hot spots in the city as well as photographers and events in Nijmegen. The oldest city in Netherlands is situated near the River Waal. The surrounding areas offer a range of recreational opportunities. While interviewing a list of photographers in Nijmegen city we got some good answers from Paulien Varkevisser. Keep reading to get some insights about Paulines home city and its photo life.

There are plenty of hotspots for photographers to take pictures in Nijmegen:

For example: Citybridge De Oversteek, Nature Reserve ‘de Ooijpolder’ and the historic city center just no name a few.

Citybridge De Oversteek. The urban bridge brings structure, hierarchy and orientation to the landscape. The arch, which is the main feature confirms and spans the river.

Nature Reserve ‘de Ooijpolder’. Situated next to the river Waal and next to the nature reserve 'de Ooij'  Nijmegen finds itself in the middle of its natural surroundings. Small villages attract many visitors every year. Within ten minutes its possible to find yourself close to Berg en Dal and Beek/Ubbergen or the typical Dutch 'polder-landscape'.

Riverpark Nijmegen with the island ‘Veur Lent’ and her several bridges, the riverbypass ‘Spiegelwaal’ and the quay ‘Lentse Warande’. A unique river park with lots of possibilities for recreation, culture, and nature.

‘Honig complex’ and The Vasim; former factories and cultural hot spots on the Waal could be an inspiration for portrait photographer in Nijmegen. The view over the river Waal from Valkhof Park and St. Stevenschurch. For portraiture photography in Nijmegen these areas are just amazing especially during summer.

The woods around Nijmegen.

Parks like Valkhof Park, Kronenburger Park, Goffert Park could be impressive location for wedding photos.

Specific buildings like the university buildings at Heyendaal, White Rose Tower in Hatert, Fifty Two Degrees (business center), Doornroosje (music hall), the new buildings from ‘Handelskade’ near the river Waal etc.

Well known photographers and events in Nijmegen:

Besides all these amazing locations for taking photos there are many talented and well known photographers in Nijmegen .

Flip Franssen; autonomous and journalistic photography and Prizewinner at the Silver Camera.

Henk Braam; photographer of portrait and people, nature, landscape and travel photography. Also Prizewinner at the Silver Camera.

Photographer Thea van den Heuvel from Nijmegen; photography of architecture, infrastructure and art. From its possible to find a suitable wedding photographer, events or sports photographer and many more. For example its easy to pick your favorite portrait photographer by category and price list or follow the trends of pregnancy photography on our website.

Besides having many photo studios in Nijmegen city there is a list of the most popular photo events, museums or festivals in the area:

‘April photography month’ in the St. Stevenss church with the exhibition of the Silver Camera and Flip Franssen. Museum Het Valkhof Honig Complex / Gallery Bart Vasim; an arts and cultural breeding ground of 9000m2 on the west flank of the city bridge crossing with studios, workshops, offices and storage space for artists and cultural organizations, and a multi-purpose arena for the public. Kerkje van Persingen; changing exhibitions from several artists including photographers

Thoughts and ideas from Truefie photographer Paulien:

Paulien Varkevisser herself is a designer who now mixes these skills with photography being into travel and tourism, architecture, interior, nature, child or family photography. She sais: “ With images, you can tell a story, convey a vision. I combine therefore like my experience as a designer with the care of photography and projects in outer city and landscape. Garden Photography and architecture topics are also included here. The photographing other cultures, cities and landscapes are very inspiring.”

According to Pauline the most popular photographic styles in Nijmegen are street photography, architecture photography and Nature-/landscape photography. These 3 because Nijmegen has a lot of interesting places. In particular, the new river park (opening 2016) has brought new inspiration. Nijmegen is surrounded by beautiful nature a stone's throw away (river Waal, Ooijpolder, the moraine on the east side of the city. The long dykes are very Dutch! But through its possible to find photographers for baby photography in Nijmegen as well as pet just name it!

We asked Paulien how has Nijmegen inspired or influenced her personal photography work? “ I'm originally a landscape designer, so I love all the developments around the river and Waal front. I’m also inspired by the Instagram Walk group we have. Every month there is a mini shoot at an interesting place. We also meet and share photo’s at Facebook. I also like to come to ‘FotoBolwerk’ (Center for Photography) to work on long-term projects and meet other photographers.”

Photographer Paulien from Nijmegen also has some cool ideas on how to make photography life there more active: ’Nijmegen could certainly use a boost in the field of photography. At the moment we have ‘April photography month’ in the St. Stevens church and it would be great if such an event could return every year. That way we can see and meet more well-known photographers in special lectures and photo presentations. As Hans Devries of FotoBolwerk indicates too; why not start a street photography month? Local professional photographers and photo finishers should cooperate in these events. Maybe a local Photo Festival would be a great idea for photographers of Nijmegen.”

As you can see- there are a lot of opportunities for photographers in Nijmegen. Nijmegen is an interesting mix between old and new. has a long list of different categories so its easy to find wedding photographer in Nijmegen for wedding photos, family shoots ,sport photographers etc.

You can book photographer Paulien from Nijmegen directly through this link: Paulien Varkevisser