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Photographers in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has few word famous photographers. Charming and historic Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Amsterdam has also quite impressive photography life. In this article we will give an overview of photo hotspots, photographers in Amsterdam , events and a lot more. With it’s kilometres of canals, brick bridges, old churches and 17th-century architecture, Amsterdam is a paradise for a photographer.

We listed some main hotspots for photographers in Amsterdam city:

I AMSTERDAM letters. Located behind the Rijksmuseum , the large I AMSTERDAM letters has become a true city icon and famous photo hotspot. Visitors often find themselves taking pictures in, around and on top of the letters to share on their social media and to keep as a memory. Theres actually more I AMSTERDAM letters in the city popping up in surprising locations and in airport.

Royal Palace. The Royal Palace on Dam Square is one of three palaces still in use by the royal family. This is a perfect location for an architecture photographers in Amsterdam. Designed in classical style, the palace was built between 1648 and 1665. The most popular view of the palace is from Dam Square.

Skinny Bridge. This attractive wooden drawbridge was once so narrow that it was difficult for people to pass each other. In 1971 it was replaced with a wider bridge to manage the traffic. In the evenings, this charming bridge is hugely popular with architecture and portrait photographers, with thousands of lights romantically illuminating its frame. Local legend says the bridge was named after the skinny sisters, who lived on opposite sides of the river and had it built to make it easier to visit one another. This is a perfect place for portraiture in Amsterdam.

Seven Bridges. Amsterdam is a city of bridges. Seven arched brick bridges can be seen relatively close at the Reguliersgracht and can be even captured on one photo! Bridges are perfect locations for wedding photography in Amsterdam.

A'DAM LOOKOUT. For a 360 degree panorama A'DAM LOOKOUT on sunset is a perfect spot. This iconic tower offers magnificent views of the city and harbor. It is located in Amsterdam Nord next to the EYE Film Museum. Thrill seekers should also try out Europe’s highest swing – positioned at a frightening 100 meters above the ground. This could also be a challenge for a wedding photographer to capture the view of Amsterdam and the couple in one photo.

Lifestyle, commercial and portrait photographer Peter answers questions:

We asked Amsterdam based photographer Peter Verduin to give us some insights about photo life in Amsterdam. He thinks Amsterdam (and surroundings) has a lot to offer. ‘’Commercial wise downtown Amsterdam is nice to shoot for photographers, but for me personally there's is more going on the northern part of Amsterdam: it's rougher, bit more spacious. The Eye film museum has great lines for bit more surrealism images. The part of the NDSM wharf, though shot at least a million times, is rough and great for more urban style images. Personally I like to shoot in Ijmuiden, half an hour from Amsterdam you find a pretty big harbor, fishing boats and a huge spacious beach.’’

Canal cruises are a popular way to see the city from the perspective of its canals. Besides that many parks and green areas may give good options for family and also baby photography in Amsterdam.

Insights about famous photographers and events from Amsterdam:

Amsterdam city is home for some quite famous photographers . For example Erwin Olaf who is most famous for his commercial and personal art photography. He is a photographer in Amsterdam who has been commissioned to photograph advertising campaigns for international companies such as Levi's, Microsoft and Nokia. Some of his most famous photographic series include "Grief", "Rain", and "Royal Blood". Erwin Olaf work is often daring and provocative. photographer Peter also lists Erwin Olaf as his favourite. “I'm a big fan of Erwin Olaf: a typical studio photographer. He puts time and effort in setting up a whole scene in the studio. His lightning is great, real subtle. Most of his images has a twist and make you think. Desiree Dolron is great too. Pictures that feel like paintings. Sometimes more raw, mostly over edited leaving you with some question marks. “ Olaf is a perfect example of a talented studio photographer in Amsterdam city. From its easy to find wedding photographer or a local talent for many other categories for example kids, family, sports or even for pregnancy photography.

There are quite a lot of photo events and venues in Amsterdam. Here to list some :

Foam Museum. Foam is an internationally known Amsterdam museum that exhibits all genres of photography. As well as displaying a wide variety of works, it acts as a creative hub where photographers can meet and participate in forums and events.

House Marseille. Huis Marseille is Amsterdam’s first photography museum. In a time of fast-moving visual culture and digital cameras (and smartphones), Huis Marseille focuses its attention on looking at images, not just seeing images.

Unseen photo festivals. Unseen is an annual international photography fair and festival based in Amsterdam, founded in 2012. Welcoming 53 galleries from across the globe, Unseen focuses on new photography, highlighting the most recent developments by presenting emerging talent and also established artists.

Every 2 year there is a festival in Naarden, 30 min drive from Amsterdam called Fotofestival Naarden.

Its hard to tell which photographic style is the most popular in Amsterdam as the city is so diverse. Most shot photography is the architecture as the old houses are attractive to photographers. Canals are popular for wedding photos. But there are also a lot of people into child photography as quite common is to be a portrait photographer. Peter sais: “Amsterdam is a city of inspiration: lot of museums found here, there is a great dance/ DJ scene, fashion is pretty big in Amsterdam. And my inspiration comes from things like that: old paintings, street style, dance scene. It a great mix.”

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