Finding and booking a photographer

Start your search with the location where you’ll have your photoshoot – that will narrow down the results to the photographers working in the area. From there, you’ll want to look for a photographer who is suitable for the type of photography that you’re looking for. That means looking at the portfolios of the photographers nearby, and seeing who has taken photos similar to the ones you would like to be made for your event. Remember: there are all kinds of photographers, and just because someone has taken great pictures of a model in a studio doesn’t mean that they’re the right photographer for your team building event or family birthday party. So, have a look at what kinds of photographs each photographer has in their portfolio, and find one within your budget. If you get stuck, just send us an email and we can help find the right photographer for you.
When you find the photographer you want to book, you’ll find a booking form right on their profile page, where you can select the date and time of your photoshoot. From there, we’ll ask you some more questions to help give you as much helpful information to the photographer as possible. You’ll want to give the photographer enough information to understand what it is you want, and also enough to help him or her decide if the job is a good one to accept, based on interests and talents. No payment is due when you send a booking request.
If the photographer accepts your request, we’ll send you an email notification, and you can then confirm the booking by submitting payment.
You’ve probably got a couple of images or ideas in mind, even if they aren’t entirely clear. That’s why we created the photo brief form as part of the booking process, with questions aimed to help you understand, both for yourself and the photographer, what your expectations are for the photoshoot. Once you’ve booked the photographer, you can also mention which photos from his or her portfolio are most like the ones that you want taken for your own shoot. Or, it can also help to show the photographer examples of photos you like, as examples.
Once the photographer has accepted your request, you can submit payment through the Truefie web site. We have a secure and easy-to-use payment system, supporting many currencies and payment methods. The payment amount is calculated based on the photographer’s hourly rate and the number of hours that you’ve booked, plus a 25% service fee.
You can cancel your booking at any time through the Truefie web site. If the booking isn’t yet confirmed, there is no penalty for cancelling. If the booking is already confirmed (that is, you have already submitted payment to confirm the booking with the photographer), there may be a penalty charged for the cancellation:
  • If you cancel more than 24 hours in advance of the agreed photoshoot time, we will refund the full booking amount, excluding the service fees.
  • If you cancel less than 24 hours before the agreed photoshoot time, we will refund 50% of your booking amount, excluding the service fees.
Truefie photographers have agreed to deliver the photos they take as a condition for receiving payment – if they don’t upload the photos, they don’t get paid. If for some reason the photographer has not uploaded your images in a reasonable time, we will do our best to get the images on your behalf.
It’s always possible that expectations are just not aligned, or a miscommunication has happened, or you may just not like the photos that were delivered. If this happens, get in touch with our support staff, and we’ll serve as arbiters to try to get the matter resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.
If you have a special request, no problem, get in touch with our solutions manager for a custom solution to your request.
Photographers on our website with the "Pro" label are those who we have verified as professional photographers. This means that they are already working as a business in the field of providing photography services. Many photographers are able to take excellent pictures for your photoshoot, whether they're a Pro or non-Pro, but to help you better understand the services offered, the "Pro" label identifies those who treat photography as a business. With a Pro, you can expect a professional working relationship with someone who is accustomed to receiving assignments and delivering photographs to his or her customer's satisfaction.

Taking assignments as a Truefie photographer

All Truefie users can create photographer’s accounts – all you need to get started is a selection of your best photos. If you already have an account, simply go to your Profile page and click the button to activate your photographer’s profile. If you don’t yet have an account, you can create a photographer’s account immediately.
We’ll ask some questions about your languages, location, your hourly rate, and the types of photographs you want to take, and the rest is up to you! Write up a compelling description of yourself, upload your photo portfolio, and you’ll be included in our network of photographers right away!
The more appealing your photographer’s portfolio, the more people you will want to select you as their photographer over the other nearby photographers. Many factors can influence this, for example:
  • Your photo portfolio – It’s not just the quality of images that you upload, but also a matter of applicability. Your portfolio will work best when the images reflect real occasions that people might like to hire a photographer for. If you’re looking to receive requests for portraits, upload portraits you’ve taken that reflect that work. If you want to shoot home interiors, or corporate events, choose images that demonstrate your skill in those areas.
  • Your hourly rate – Truefie creates a network of photographers in an area. You may like to compare the hourly rate you’re asking with other comparable photographers. It may take some practice to find the right hourly rate for the types of assignments you’re looking for.
  • Your profile – You can upload a photo of yourself, and write a short biography to describe yourself and your approach to photography. It’s important to be yourself, but also to show that you’re friendly and easy to work with.
When in doubt, send your portfolio link to your friends and professional network, asking for their feedback – and, of course, to promote your photo services!
We understand that sometimes things come up, and you just have to cancel a photoshoot, even after it’s been confirmed. You can cancel your booking at any time through the Truefie web site. Keep in mind that if you cancel less than 24 hours before the photo event, it will be very difficult for your customer to find a replacement photographer – their negative feedback may ultimately discourage other people from trusting you with an important assignment.
Choosing your hourly rate will always be a balance between the value of your time and remaining competitive with other similar photographers. Take into account the time that it will take you to travel to and from any nearby venue, and the time it will take to process and upload the images after the photoshoot.
When setting your hourly rate, take into consideration:
  • Truefie receives a 25% commission from your payout
  • Any local VAT or taxes should be included in your rate
  • When in doubt, check out other nearby photographers of comparable portfolios to see how much they are charging. You can also adjust your hourly rate based on demand: If you find that you are not getting enough assignments, you might consider lowering your hourly rate; if you are getting more requests than you can handle (lucky you!), you might consider raising your hourly rate.
  • Truefie holds on to the customer’s payment until the photographs are delivered. Once you’ve uploaded the images, that’s our trigger to send you the payment for your photoshoot. Payments are sent according to a billing cycle, so you can expect payment to be delivered by the 1st of the month which follows 14 days after your photo upload – that means if you upload your photos on January 1, you can expect to be paid by February 1; if you upload your photos on January 30, you can expect to be paid by March 1. If you have trouble calculating this, don’t worry: the expected payment date should always be displayed in your account information in your dashboard.
    You can receive your payment by bank transfer or Paypal. This can be set up in your account settings – just choose your preferred method, enter in your IBAN or Paypal email address, and we’ll do the rest
    We require that the customer pays for the photoshoot as part of the confirmation process – in other words, your customer will never be paying you late. We hold onto the money during the shoot, and then are triggered to send you payment when you upload the photographs.
    It’s always possible that expectations are just not aligned, or a miscommunication has happened, or the client may just not like the photos that were delivered. If this happens, we’ll serve as arbiters to try to get the matter resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.
    Pro photographers are those who are working with photography as a business. Our "Pro" label doesn't indicate a paid account or service, but is rather a completely free designation that we use to help customers make informed decisions about booking the right photographer. We use a few criteria to determine those who qualify for the Pro label, including: Do you have a photography business? For how long? Did you study photography? Do you have photography facilities, for example a studio? Is your Truefie portfolio up to date, and representative of the standards of a working professional? If you believe that you qualify, just contact us with a link to your Truefie portfolio and we'll get started.

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