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Why hire a pro to take your sports photos

Preparation, camera lenses, equipment Sports photography is all about action. While anyone with a camera phone might catch a good picture of a game, it’s a lot more challenging to catch all the right moments. A sporting event is chaotic, and it takes a lot of focus and skill to produce great sports photographs. To reliably get great pictures, a photographer needs a lot of preparation, the right camera lens, knowledge of sports and speed. A professional sports photographer can help make sure you don’t miss the amazing moments of the game. We asked sports photographer Wim Stolwerk, from based in Vinkeveen, The Netherlands, to give us some of his tips on how he approaches an athletic event. In his mind, a nice sports photos mean a combination of moment, action and emotion. “Like every shoot: make a plan!” he says, going on to explain that a good sports photographer will plan in advance the “positions, camera lenses at each position, remotes, which shots do you want to bring home, etc.” Part of the photographer’s plan should also be to know the sport, the rules and preferably also the routines of individual athletes. Wim thinks that a perfect sports image gives a personal feeling. “I’m glad when athletes (and clients) are satisfied and love the images. Perfection is something I’ll keep pursuing as the ultimate goal in my photographic life.” Another tip from Wim? He says behind-the-scenes can deliver nice photos. It may be true that team members and their friends and family can take some spontaneous shots, but for really capturing all the best moments of a sporting event, you’ll want to keep the key players out having fun, and leave the photography to someone on the outside.

Kids’ sporting events can have their own challenges. While children may move slower than adults, their movements are often less controlled, and therefore more unpredictable than experienced athletes. A skilled sports photographer will bring his or her knowledge of motion, sports and of course photography to make sure you get great shots of youth sporting event. Main factors in getting a great sports photo: CONFLICT. Whether it’s a football game, a basketball game, or a tennis match, it’s essential to capture the essence of the game: somebody is going to win and somebody is going to lose. There’s a story to tell, and nice photos will help viewers see that conflict, and the key players of that story, like who got the winning shot. A professional sports photographer, will be able to anticipate the action. MOTION. With only a few exceptions, sport is all about movement and motion. People, and their sporting equipment, are in constant movement. The ability to capture the motion effectively, to show the tension and drama together with clarity, is a tough skill to master. For a sport photographer to be able to capture the movement in a way that viewers can determine what’s happening and follow the story is a key to success. EMOTION. Sporting events are full of drama, so a great photo will portray all the emotions: the frustration of missing a great shot, the ecstasy of making a hole-in-one, the sympathy between teammates. Faces are one of the most important ways that you can achieve this in a sports image. Faces personalize and humanize the image; they connect the viewer to the moment and draw them in. Capturing strong or dramatic body language of the players during the game or moments immediately following a decisive play is another way of achieving this. VICTORY. Last but not least, winning and losing is often what the game comes down to. While there are always some great moments throughout the game, tournament or sporting event, the outcome determines how people will understand the rest of the game. A good photographer will help you capture the magic when the winner is decided, and its all the emotions of that can be found in the nice photo.

We had a small interview with another Truefie photographer Andrew from Netherlands. ‘’ What makes a good sport photos for me is to capture that perfect moment at the right time. Still photography’s ability to freeze action at the write moment makes that possible. Does not matter what kind of sport photography you do, if its athletics, football or motorsports you want to capture the attention of the audience, make them feel, think and look at the photo.  If you can do that, you will have a nice photos. The perfect sports image for Andrew is when he captures the attention of the audience. When you can get someone to look at a photo for more than    5sec. then you know you have a good photo. because then they are busy studying the photo and look at all the details.. the longer you will look the more you will see and feel the photo, and for every one its different. The key to sports photography is preparation. You get one chance to get it right and then it's gone. That can be scary, but it's also thrilling. You need to know the sport you are covering: its rules, its personalities and its rhythms. Andrew says he prepares for a photo shoot making sure that he has all his gear ready for the shoot. Make sure all camera lenses are clean. Make sure that all battery’s are full. Make sure the sensor of camera is clean. He will also read through the letter from client to make sure he has everything for the shoot. Coaches tell players to keep going until they hear the whistle; well, a professional sports photographer that you hire for your big game will keeps going until the whistle… and then some!. A professional photographer will remain focused on the job of getting your great shots. That's how to get moments of celebration and failure, coaches and players losing their minds, and the moments that oftentimes define the game more than any individual play. Even if those moments happen after the clock runs out. After all, the whistle doesn’t always mean the job is done. You can book Wim directly through this link: and Andrew through this link:

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