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Why and how to get good product pictures

.Explaining the webshop marketing It’s a known fact that humans are visual creatures. Studies have shown that 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual, and images are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Graphics are also more effective in stirring up emotions, and since a lot of people are emotional shoppers, images make for great selling tools. That’s why having killer product photos for your webshop is a must. Awesome images grab attention, make you look more professional and—most important—generate sales. One should hire professional product photographer to give the customers a better understanding of the product through high-quality photos. It helps to boost the brand and increase the likelihood of social media shares, which in general increases sales. A professional photographer can make an ordinary object look spectacular by understanding different angles and how color influences the image. It's always an option to make the product shots yourself, but most likely an average person doesn’t have special knowledge or equipment for that. Is photo studio needed? Product shots can be photographed in a studio, outdoors or indoors. Product shoot doesn’t have to be boring. Imagination sets the limit. It's possible to use backgrounds to make it look more interesting. Most classical ways of shooting products are to use a white neutral background, but also dark gray or colors that match the item. But background can also be a music sheet, open book, magazine, card, photo etc. It really depends on the layout of the webshop and the products characteristics. Also can use other props that fit the style, for example, . Should you use models in your product pictures? Most people, for instance, aren’t comfortable buying clothes online because they can’t be sure if the merchandise will fit them correctly. This is why many apparel retailers use models in their product shots. On the other hand, consumers are generally comfortable buying stuff like pens or mugs online, which is why it’s not necessary to include people when photographing such items. Most important knowledge about product shots is that the equipment doesn’t have to be necessarily expensive. Basic equipment for shooting products is camera, tripod, lights, white continuous background. Important to use a wide aperture and spend some time on editing. • Half an hour or more to build a photo studio set • Half an hour to photograph one item • Half an hour to take the set down (because many items photograph differently) Half an hour or more to coordinate invoicing • Half an hour or more collecting and file delivery to the Client and • Half an hour to edit (or more)

Andy has an opinion about the perfect pictures; “As an advertising photographer, we work alongside art directors or marketing professionals who direct / project manage the shoot. We have the ‘perfect’ (if that is at all possible) product image when the art director/client agree that we have! If…however, I am left to my own devices on a job then mostly it is instinct that tells you when to stop, one gets a little flutter in the stomach if and when all the components fit together in an image. Once again here…strictly speaking, the ‘perfect’ product image is the one that ticks all the boxes for the client’s marketing needs.’’ We also asked Stanley from Amstelveen, Netherlands to answer some questions about product photography. He thinks a product photo must be attractive and clear. ”Sometimes a client wants atmosphere photos, then it’s a different way of photographing and light shaping.  I am in love with atmosphere pictures, but that’s not always what the client wants.’’ Stanley’ s advice for customers is to always consult with the photographer before the shoot. ‘’ At first, I consult with the client. Then I study the products and I study how to bring the products in focus with appropriate light shapers and camera settings. When I am satisfied by myself, then I hope the client will be satisfied too ;-). Sometimes I send one of two pictures for approval.’’

Testing impact and engagement In the end of the shoot, it's important to avoid over-editing images. Not to make massive changes in Photoshop that will alter the appearance of a product’s essential characteristics in webshop. The sure-fire way to figure out which best practices are actually “best” is to measure and test different product photography tactics. Everything from lighting, angles, size, and a number of images. Keeping an eye on traffic and conversions. Another way to get product photography insights is to measure social engagement. You can have book Andy and Stanley through straight through these links:

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