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Jari Mulder Jari, Rotterdam NL

What it takes for a good party photography.

Choosing the right photographer A photographer has only one chance to capture a moment. For that reason, it is important to choose the right event photographer and make sure that she/he is well prepared. Finding a professional event photographer is worth the effort. Of course, it is also allowed for the staff to take photos using their phones for that. This is great for instagram and other social media. Still, there is a huge gap between these snapshots and the quality of the pictures taken by a professional photographer. Good party photographer is a good communicator, sees details, is creative and has technical skills as well as legal knowledge. Always a good idea to ask for references, portfolio and instagram when choosing a photographer for the party. As well it is useful to ask about the equipment or post-production and delivery process. Give as much information as possible to the photographer: what working hours, what should be covered, how many formal shots, will he/she make photo book, who owns the rights afterward, etc. has party photographers from Amsterdam, Den Hague, Rotterdam and other cities. Key elements to a party photos The photographer should capture details, group photos, abstract motion, atmosphere, single portraits, candid shots and venue shots. Important to pay attention to different backgrounds and interesting graphics. Or if the venue does not have those, then maybe it is possible to create some backgrounds. Photo booth, video slideshows, and event theme related shots always give an extra value to people photography. It's trendy to use props like mirrors, balloons, costumes etc. or even hand a camera to someone else to make selfies in the center of the action. Party event definitely requires more atmospheric photos. If it is not possible to hire a photographer for a whole night, then maybe it's wise to ask him/her for only the most important hours and skip the introduction part and after party for example. Share all the information about the venue that's possible. It is really appreciated by the photographer. That way it is ensured they photographer knows to bring along the right lenses and other equipment. For example, let the photographer know how much natural light he can use. How is the stage light? Are there any special lighting effects? A lot of people don’t want their pictures to be taken. It's reasonable for the photographer to chat a bit to ask for a permission and a bit of their time. If people are approached in a polite way then usually they give the permission because no one wants to seem impolite. Another thing if these pictures can be shown online or are they for private use.

Interview with Truefie photographer We asked photographer Simon from Rotterdam to answer some questions about party photography. He thinks “ Photos where no one is posting are a must for me, the photo has to be organic. A glimpse of the party that was. When people look at my photos and say: "that's what the atmosphere was like!" I succeeded. I like to take a camera body that isn't too big, no excess equipment. Get a nice wide angle and mix that with a rough flash to make sure everything is in focus and I don't waste my time on that when I really want to get quick shots.” While the majority of your shots will probably be candid shots you should also think ahead about what type of ‘must have’ sort of shots you want from the party. These might, for example, include some group shots for to make photo book, cake shots, blowing out candles, opening presents, party games or even some posed shots of the birthday boy or girl etc. Most likely some images will be shared later in instagram with friends and followers. Social media is a great way to reach wide audiences and connections abroad.

Some inspiring photography tips It’s amazing to see how a room can be transformed in just an hour when there is a group of children in it. For this reason, some photos should be taken before the party actually starts. This might include some of those shots that focus in on different elements of the party but also shots of the birthday boy or girl dressed up and looking (and behaving) at their best. Also a few shots at the end of the party – they could make a humorous comparison series with before shots and of course if something gets messy. The focus of children’s parties is generally the children – but the adults attending the party can actually present you with some fascinating shots too. Sometimes their reactions to what the children are doing can be quite fascinating and it's worth noticing that. Could be that pictures have to be prepared for the next morning press release or uploaded to instagram the same night. Momentum after an event is really important. How soon will the edited shots be delivered? It is important to discuss with the photographer about how the photos will be used later. Will they be needed for media, uploaded to instagram, collected in a photo album, used for promotion of the event in future years, etc? Does the photographer want to be credited? Talk through all the possible ways on photos can be used later. It is normal for the photographer to continue to own the rights to the photographs. But it is also normal to agree how these shots can be used by the client. You can book Simon directly through this link:

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