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Inspiration and tips professional interior photos.

Understanding the basics Interior photography is all about context and interpretation. The interior photographer creates images based on composition, textures, colors, forms, patterns, shapes and perspectives. An ability to follow natural light in the room and knowing the rule of third are the basics for photographer. These skills and qualities are the foundations of creativity, to see interior photography as the art form. Professional photos of home environment are useful for business purposes. Here are some tips for real estate photography. One photography tip is to leave something a little undone, to give a sign of life on the photo. It’s wise to pack away personal items like photographs to keep the room as clean and simple as possible. House looks better with less furniture, but there should be enough furniture to showcase the rooms purpose. Inspiration can come by creatively using mirrored surfaces, lampshades, curtains, interior doors, dimmers, candles and up lights. Mirrors should be polished, floors waxed and dusted everywhere. Also important to make sure all the lights are working. Playing around with different lights and their combinations helps to choose the best sets for interior photography. Photographer should get into the corner to get the widest angle possible to capture whats special about the room. Adding appropriate props can make the picture look more interesting. But at the same time its important to avoid visual overlaps in the photo.

Tips for getting most out of the shoot There are three things in interior photography that are always worth double checking and waiting for: 1) Most important thing for photography is the right light. Wait for the light to be the best it can. Natural light combined with well-placed artificial strobe light can create dynamic images that simply aren't possible otherwise. 2) People, cars, and other objects must get out of the way. Waiting just five minutes for the area to be clear of people or cars can go long way to ensuring that the viewer’s eye doesn’t get distracted by elements that aren’t adding anything to the final photo. 3) Just double checking everything. There is often a lot going on in an interior or architectural photograph. Keeping the details in mind can give a lot of inspiration to home images. • Leaves, trash, other items on the ground • Crooked lampshades, uneven bedspreads • Misaligned furniture, carpets, and chairs • Crooked vertical lines in composition • Reflections of objects that will be difficult to remove in post processing. Good lighting techniques are a necessity in photography to best capture the important features of the home. The main dilemma is keeping a good balance of the light between natural or available light, strobes and tungsten lights. Mastering this delicate balance is the main difference between standard and extraordinary photography.

Thoughts about photography We asked Truefie photographer Adrian from United Kingdom about his ideas and inspiration. He sais the best tip for an interior photographer is to ‘’ Employ a stylist, know what you what to achieve and when you say ten shots a day don't expect thirty. You can have thirty but they wont be as good as the ten.”’ . Adrian thinks the key to successful interior photography is an attention to detail and dealing with unexpected. Take your time for inspiration, to make careful compositions. Be diligent about observing all of the furniture and elements within the room and eliminate any unwanted items that might be distracting. For example: Remove sponges, towels and other household cleaning items from within the kitchen. Along with making overall images of a room, look for smaller vignettes of some of the important architectural aspects. Truefie photographer Graham thinks great interior photos are the ones that sum up the space - tell the story - set the tone. ’’Every great photo should should enhance and explain without a caption. The unexpected is what keeps it interesting. Get people on your side - let them see what your trying to achieve. Tidy up , move things around - find a different angle. Be prepared to work a little harder. If the client is involved - then get them to tidy up - make sure any lighting works. ‘’ You can book Graham directly through this link: and Adrian through this link:

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