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In today’s digital world, if you want to make good contacts, it’s important to make a good impression with your online presence, too. Having a good portrait photo is now a big part of that. But what makes a good business portrait? We’ve collected here some tips and tricks for helping to make sure you make a great first impression with a formal photograph of yourself. First, think about social media. It’s increasingly the case that recruiters, potential clients, customers, and employers will check out your LinkedIn profile for an impression of you. You’ll want to make sure that your LinkedIn profile picture is a positive representation of your. LinkedIn estimates that a profile with a great profile picture is 14 times more likely to be viewed than one without a picture. These days, having a carefully considered and optimized LinkedIn profile is as important in the professional world as an up-to-date resume or CV -- and it should be treated just as seriously. For this reason, you may want to ask for the help of a professional. Hiring a professional portrait photographer doesn’t need to be overly formal or intimidating. We want to help you see that it can actually be easy and fun. The process of booking a portrait photo shoot should always start with finding the right photographer. It makes sense to do some research on available photographers by viewing their portfolio to determine the pictures they’ve produced with the idea you have in your mind. This can help you determine their suitability for the job. If you’re at all uncertain, gravitate toward the type of LinkedIn profile photos that you personally think are strong. The search for the right portrait photographer for example in Amsterdam or Rotterdam can be intimidating as there are lot of people who call them photographers. has a list of portrait photographers in all the major cities in Netherlands: Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag, Groningen, Nijmegen, Eindhoven, Tilburg etc We asked one of the portrait photographers on, William Wilson, to answer some questions about formal portrait photography. In his mind, a portrait should convey something about the person, so for the photographer to try to get to know someone, even for such a brief time frame, is key. Since most people find being in front of the camera a daunting experience, William finds that keeping an ongoing dialog and direction will help him to achieve this aim. Portraiture is a combination of reading body language, and using lighting to create the right mood.

Tips for portrait photography It’s always important to discuss with a photographer the style of portrait photography you prefer: is it going to be serious or smiling, for example? Do you want to present yourself as powerful or approachable? These are the kinds of things that can be discussed, and combined with the professional photographer’s expertise, you should arrive at the right message. The photographer can also help identify for you what colors and clothes can help match your preferred portrait photography style. For example, on business portrait it’s useful to wear mid-tones like blue, green, or brown and to avoid white or patterned clothes. You will want to consider the photographic impact of wearing jewelry and make-up: less is often more. Depending on your comfort level with make-up, you may want to wear foundation powder to avoid shine and reflection on your face. Of course the rules with fine art portrait photography are way more different. Some actually say that fine art photography does not have any rules. That is partly true. Yet there are general understandings of composition, style and technical skills that apply to all genres of photography. Ask your photographer what background colors are possible or preferred for portrait photography, because that may make a significant difference in how your outfit appears in photograph. Simple solid colors work the best with corporate portraits. You may consider bringing multiple shirts or outfits with you, to try alternatives. The same is true for poses take the time with your professional photographer to try at least three different angles/setups, so it’s possible to choose afterwards. Another decision you might evaluate is whether you prefer your profile picture to be in black and white, or color. Keep in mind that in a black and white picture, contrast is the most important factor in how the image is seen, so you should choose your outfit, accessories and make-up according to this. There is no right or wrong answer to whether to use black and white portrait photography or color, it’s really just a question of preference by you or your company. Black and white portrait photo can communicate more drama but this might be a less appropriate option if you work in a corporate environment, like banking or law, for example,whereas it might be the perfect choice if you’re in the creative fields like architecture or media.

What else to keep in mind while booking a portrait photo session When making agreements about your portrait photography shoot, be sure to ask about retouching. Some photographers perform more post-processing on their formal portraits than others, so be sure you’re comfortable with the finishing that the photographer works with, or at least communicate your needs. Slight adjustments to the photo overall, like tone and lighting, or corrections to your presentation like removal of blemishes or touching-up stray hairs can fill your profile picture with the impression of health and vitality. Subtle post-processing also gives your finished social media profile photo a more polished appearance overall. William suggests that you allow sufficient time for the portrait photography shoot, so there is no rush and you can be relaxed. “From the initial enquiry, my aim is to gain trust, chat during a shoot and coach on what is expected of them,” he explains. “From this point everything becomes easier, they put themselves in your care and this puts my them at ease. I try to avoid a to- do list, I want my subjects to be themselves and let me find their personality through interaction and engagement. I find that is the best tip for any client, just to put their trust in you.” You can book William directly through this link

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