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Photography tips to a couple portrait

A good portrait photo of a couple should tell a story! There is nothing stronger in this world than love. Love is one of the strongest forces known to man, that can bring people of all races, religions and genders together. This is probably why couples photography is currently one of the most popular and sought after photography styles. Images of a couple can also be taken as portrait photography category. Many couples cement their relationship through a series of high quality, high-resolution photos that truly express the unconditional love and respect that they share for one another. Memories are being created when couple takes part in a bridal photography session. Whether it’s a loved ones or a close friends, they must have something in common. Why not bring it out on nice photos! Make a list of common thing and try to discuss it with a photographer. Pretty sure some great ideas will follow. It would be wise to look for a posing inspiration before the photoshoot. Also possible to take hints from the movies or magazines. For example if the couple loves dancing then why not a spontaneous dance on the photo. Don’t be afraid to get intimate. How to make nice pictures? The photo shoot location could be anywhere: indoors, outdoors, city scene, nature etc. Imagination is the limit! When it comes to the location, it actually doesn’t have to be that iconic or popular. Sometimes, it’s quite surprising how even the simplest and most modest locations can produce very dramatic outputs. Look for elements with texture, pattern, form, and feature and then integrate them all to produce art. Just like in a collage. The shoot can also be done in a photo studio. has talented couple photographers all over the Netherlands: Den Haag, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, etc Its possible probably find many photo shoots that use trees, foliages, beaches, and other natural landscapes as its background. There are basically countless ways to utilize nature as background. For example, using “sunset on the beach” setting and have the couple in silhouette. Not only that it produces a nice pictures with dramatic effect, a great narrative can also be conveyed with the photo’s compositions. It is important to be creative with the materials (subjects, background, lighting, etc) that's available. Exploring with the patterns and textures gives an extra value to portrait photography. Buildings are great backgrounds for photo shoots too.

Having a couple to look at each other is the key for showing love and affection. There is just something about the eye contact! Cuddles are important- wrapping arms around each other, and pulling close adds a value to the portrait photography. Whispering is a magical trick to get some emotions on the photo. Kissing is also a big part of a couples photography, but it should be done without smashing the faces against each other. Lap sit and walking together traditional ways to capture couples. Also could add value to the photo shoot by asking for a backstage video service. The subjects, which are of course the couple, are primarily the key ingredient to produce nice pictures. A good photographer knows that every photo should convey a story behind it. Whether the photos are for personal documentations or for promotional and cover images, it would always have to tell something to the viewers. In terms of couple’s portraits, capturing the emotions to convey something behind it would definitely make a single photo worth a thousand words. In simpler terms, some couples find it hard to act natural in their poses if someone’s watching them. Looking scripted and awkward is basically something that you would never want your output to look like. Another thing, on the other hand, the output should be unique and genuine. It would be boring and redundant for both the photographer and the couple to have the same set of shots, positions, and settings during the whole photo shoot.

About wedding and pre wedding shoot: A special type of photography under couples category is called pre wedding photography. It is a great way to get used to how your photographer works. It gives you a great chance to get used to how to pose and will feel more confident for actual wedding day.  It's also nice to do a photo shoot before wedding because it gives a few photographs to send to friends and family. These photographs can be part of invite, or just for announcing the wedding. The reason to do such pre wedding photo shoots is the following: Talk to photographer about likes and dislikes and they can get an idea of how to work with the camera. Important to analyze photographer in action and make the right choice before the wedding day. Interview with Truefie photographer: We asked photographer Marcos from London, UK to answer some questions about portrait photography. He thinks it is important to understand what the couple is expecting from the shoot so a good time spent on discussing it is essential. ‘’I always propose several different locations so it can be decided in advance. In addition, a studio space is also very handy so you will have the chance to have a good controlled lighting on the portraits. My favorites are always a romantic city location, such next to rivers, bridges or old buildings.’’ Marcos suggests to have a plan- to have some ideas and then discuss with the team on how to achieve that. A couple photo shoot is perfect for any occasion, whether it be creating artwork for home, simply spending time together doing something unique, or even perhaps with an engagement theme in mind! Whether being young or old, embarking on a new romance or celebrating one that has withstood the tests of time, a couple photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to capture nice pictures that will be kept forever. Nothing is more precious than finding a soul mate, or having that one person to share most intimate times, of sharing early mornings and late nights, laughter and tears, love and heartache.

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