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Utrecht has a list of talented Truefie photographers. It is a city that for centuries has been a religious center. It has a medieval old town, beautiful canals, Christian monuments and a university. The iconic 14th-century bell tower stands opposite the Gothic Cathedral of St. Martin on Domplein square and offers iconic city views. The Museum Catharijne convent shows, religious art and artifacts in a former monastery. In this article we are going to talk about Utrecht from a photographer point of view.

Interview with two talented Truefie photographers from Utrecht:

We made a short interview with talented Truefie photographers in Utrecht. Jeroen Berends and Reinier van Oorsouw gave us some good insights about the city. Jeroen has been working as a photographer for over 10 years. A big part of his education comes from working at Reell Jeans. Reell Jeans published over 15 different catalogs containing his photographs to promote and sell their clothing line. After getting his BA in Filmstudies Joeroen started his own business in 2010. His clients include several publishers, magazines, advertising agencies, food professionals and other companies. Jeroen takes his philosophy together in inspiring way: “I am a firm believer that visual style is essential for being able to tell a story. In a society where the average focus span gets shorter by the day it's all about catching the eye. Once you manage to get someone's attention, you'll be able to tell your story.’’

Utrecht is a very pretty city with a historic city center. It’s very photogenic in general but there are some places that are a little harder to find and are absolutely gorgeous. Must see for every wedding photographer is the Kloostertuin, which is a garden that belongs to the monastery that was attached to the cathedral of Utrecht. This hidden garden is between the Dom Church and Utrecht University Hall, and is a wonderfully spot, filled with flowers and herbs. De Pandhof is one of the most beautiful courtyards in the Netherlands and offers impressive view. Also the area around the Rijksmunt is very pretty. Those spots are perfect for wedding photos or portrait photo in Urtrecht.

Reinier sais: “ If you are into old architecture, Utrecht is a right fit for you. Old canals, alleyways, and obviously the Dom tower (and church) are ideal photo spots. Furthermore, the Uithof attracts a lot of visitors for more modern architecture. Old train yards  and industrial areas have been redecorated to modern working locations and bars/cafe's.  The labyrinth of canals throughout our city are the base for unique street photography, combining historic building style and how people are using it now.” Old architecture for sure is a perfect background for wedding photography. Utrecht also holds many cool parks and natural areas that are perfect for child photography especially during summer.

Inspiration and insights for photography in Utrecht:

We asked Jeroen about his favorite photographers in Utrecht: “ One young lady who’s work I really appreciate is Annegien Schilling or Fetching Tigress as she is called on Instagram. She is only 16 years old’’ . She's still just at school but also has found a nice hobby. Her Instagram account fetching_tigerss is already good for 679K followers and thus she is serious headway hammering. Posting "surreal self-portraits" that she has edited with different apps to excite her followers. These self portraits make Annegien Schilling one of the most outstanding portrait photographers in Utrecht.

One of the organization that solely focuses on photography and it is called Fotodok. They organize exhibitions, workshops and events. Fotodok is an international space for documentary photography based in Utrecht. Since late 2008, it has brought urgent, underexposed, exciting, beautiful and socially engaged documentary stories to the attention of a local, national and global specialized public. It does this through a diverse program of exhibitions, critical lectures and debates, education and international cooperation. The Utrecht Archive hosts photography exhibitions quite often, portraying photography of famous photographers of Utrecht in the past, which gives a good sense of the lives lived on the streets we walk now. Besides these events in Utrecht, the city has a lots of freelance photographers that keep the photo life active.

There are many independent photo studios in Utrecht. Jeroen still thinks that Utrecht could arrange some more museum space for photography, have exhibitions with bigger names and more famous works.

There are definitely a lot wedding photographers and newborn photographers in Utrecht. With Truefie its easy to find a suitable person for pregnancy photography or baby photography in Utrecht. But also when to go a little beyond those genres then documentary and independent (art) is pretty big. 

Jeroen names himself a commercial portrait and Travel photographer He is self-educated professional photographer in Utrecht focusing on Travel, Portrait and other commercial forms of photography. Truefie is a platform where you can easily find many more talented photographers in Utrecht.

You can book Jeroen directly thought this link: Jeroen Berends

Photographer Reinier from Utrecht sais: ‘ When starting to take pictures, Utrecht was my playground to learn. Trying to capture the beauty of the city and the people that live there. This has been a stable base for improving my pictures, which I now consider to be the breeding ground for my style.’ Rainier is a talented photographer into corporate event, travel and tourism, formal portrait, architecture, aerial and drone, nature photography.

You can book him directly through this link: Reinier Oorsouw