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Let´s have a look at photographers in a charming city of Breda. The historical city in south of Netherlands with a cheerful personality, that’s Breda! Breda has a population of 180,420 in 2017 and is a home for many talented photographers. The combination of its rich past and present-day activities make Breda really vibrant!

Interview with photographer in Breda:

We interviewed photographer Jasmijn about her home city Breda. She was glad to give us some insights about photo life in her hometown. Jasmijn is a student planning to do a Minor Photography in Rotterdam. She sais: ''Digital photography is my main thing, in addition to that I also do analog photography and filming is also something I like to do. I always try to capture the moment at its best.'' Jasmijn herself is a talented photographer into categories like portrait, food, architecture and fashion.

Every year Breda hosts many local photography events. Jasmijnes favorite event is BredaPhoto. BredaPhoto shows contemporary photography, with a lot of renowned artists and also the newest generation of photographers. The festival is a perfect place to meet colleagues, to see new exhibitions and to talk about future plans and projects. Jasmine sais: ''At BredaPhoto last year 80,000 visitors experienced international contemporary photography. With exhibitions of 73 photographers for seven weeks in Breda. Its a possibility to get to know a lot of new photographers and gives a nice atmosphere.‘’

In addition, two museums merged currently in a new museum namely Stedelijk Museum Breda. Stedelijk Museum Breda is the museum for cultural legacy and history in Breda. They believe that careful observation is the source of knowledge, inspiration and pleasure. Stedelijk Museum Breda will open its doors in June 2017.

Some popular hot spots for photographers in Breda:

Besides the events we asked Jasmijn about the popular photo hot spots that Breda has for photographers. To begin, Breda of course has a beautiful old town which in itself is already worth it. Furthermore, one of my favorite places in Breda is the area around Belcrum Beach.'' Breda is perfect for portraiture.

Belcrum Beach is run entirely by volunteers. The beach tent, chairs, umbrellas, toilets and ramps, it all made of recycled materials. A perfect place to explore for a portraiture or documentary photographer in Breda.

STEK is a ground for artists and creative entrepreneurs. It is a the rise for shops, workshops, galleries and offices All construction is temporary, flexible and mobile. Whether it be recycled trees or a garden city, green plays an important role in the field. Sustainability and recycling stand STEK paramount. Just like work. There is plenty of room for experimentation, culture,creativity. art and entrepreneurship.

Breda as inspiration for variety of photographic genres:

It’s possible to do all the photographic styles in Breda, but probably street photography, wedding photos and architecture or the most popular. The town has such a beautiful old buildings to use for wedding photography. One of the exapmles is Begijnhof. Visitors entering the gate of the Beguine on Catherine Street in Breda time travel back in centuries. Interesting to notice that a wedding photographer from Defining Moments Photography studio in Breda won a remarkable wedding photography award last year. The internationally known award is called fearless award. There are also a list of studios doing baby photography in Breda city and talented photographers into child photography.

We got curious about our Truefie photographer Jasmijn and asked her to tell us how has Breda influenced her personal career path. Heres what she said: “ I think Breda has especially influenced me by ‘to look beyond your nose’ and therefore to be more adventurous. Breda is a city where you have to know the 'special' spots. The town is pretty, but if you know the good places in a town then you are set. This actually applies to each city and I think this really should be a general feature of a photographer.”

Also she thinks photo life in Breda could be even more active. For example if BredaPhoto would be there the whole year round! ‘’ If you look at how many people BredaPhoto does draw, you would actually have to address it even bigger. Maybe do something with the local photographers and people too. ‘’

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