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Almere has a list of talented photographers. It is is a city in western province of the Netherlands. It has been one of the fastest growing cities in whole Europe since its establishment. Almere is the seventh largest city in the Netherlands. When it comes to architecture, Almere ranks an impressive third place in the Netherlands – and actually first when looking at modern architecture. The city is home to high profile buildings designed by leading architects like Teun Koolhaas, Herman Hertzbergen and Liesbeth van der Pol. In this article we are going to analyze the scene from a Almere photographers point of view: whats happening in the city and what are the main photo hotspots. interview with two local photographers in Almere.

Follow-up to get some insights about photo life in that amazing city from Pauli Langbein and Chris van de Vooren. Pauli is a talented wedding photographer in Almere but also shoots families, pregnancy photography, events, fashion etc. Chris is a portrait photographer also into travel, sport, events and architecture.

As already mentioned above Almere is a paradise for an architectural photographer. It has a lot of interesting buildings to shoot for example World Trade Center. The design of the WTC Almere building is truly a stand-out in Almere.

The new city centre is interesting for architecture fans. Its was designed by Rem Koolhaas. The so-called 'curved surface' divides the new city centre into an "underworld" (mainly car parks) and an "upper world" (shops and apartments).

The terrace of La Place restaurant provides a unique view of the Citadel. This is also a good spot for taking wedding photos with the view.

The new library, designed by Barry van Waveren was finished in 2009. it provides space for the modern media, meeting rooms and computer rooms.

Besides that Almere has a lot of nature. For example Oost Vaarders Plassen.  Deep in southern Flevoland nature created a large marsh area with reed plains, rough grassland and ponds. Great for walking or biking.

The city estate De Kemphaan is a place where you enjoy a great adventurous day out in wonderful nature. It is situated close to the city of Almere. Eating pancakes, riding bike or having a picnic are just a few of the options offered by this popular city estate. This is the perfect place for a real break from all daily grind. Natural areas during summer are also a great source of inspiration for child photography.

The dikes are a rough location caused by the huge rocks and the centers of Stad and Haven shows pretty terraces and busy streets. Besides the above mentioned locations Almere photographers should have a look at the woods next to Almere-Haven and also the harbor.

A short overview of some of the well-known photographers and events in Almere:

Danny van Kolck- started as a hobby photographer and has been working almost 14 years as professional (wedding) photographer in Almere city and surroundings. His strength is shooting Emotion. Photographing people he sees as a big challenge.

Michiel Fischer- Is specialized in wedding, family photography and photo reportage. Besides that, he also runs workshops. He is also has great experience in baby photography in Almere city.

Michiel Legerstee- Freelance photographer in Almere city specializing in reportage photography for parties and special occasions such as (corporate) receptions, anniversaries, workshops, projects

Gert Schutte- mainly into wedding photography.

Hans Beerlage -runs his own photo studio and academy in Almere city.

There are some fantastic festivals in Almere that take place and are interesting for event photographers:

The Haven Dagen: The center of Almere Haven will buzz during these three days of fun. The free festival is s a perfect way to end the summer and enjoy culture, sailing and good food!

Gestrand: Stranded is an annual outdoor festival and one of the most fun events of the summer at that location. It is a modest but authentic festival that takes place on the Almeerderstrand. Stranded What distinguishes it from other events is the mix of music, theater, visual arts, dance, comedy and variety. The programme varies between nationally known acts to regional talent. Perfect place for event photographers to capture some true moments.

Koningsnacht: It is a memorable night dedicated to a king full of all sorts of festivities and celebrations.

4 en 5 mei festival: On May 5th people celebrate the freedom in the Netherlands. May 5 is also a day to reflect on the importance of freedom and to realize that freedom is fragile.

The Sand festival is a great opportunity to see many famous Dutch artists and also at the beach. Libelle week is a returning event in may.

As a conclusion and suggestion about photographers in Almere:

In general wedding photography is quite popular in Almere, so is nature photography. Street photography and architecture are popular because there is so much great architecture in the city scene. Portraiture photography is also popular in Almere as modern architecture gives many interesting background options to for the shoot.

We also asked our photographers in Almere about how has their hometown influenced their personal career and work. Here is what they said:

Pauli: '' Almere inspired me for Nature and Architecture. As a wedding photographer I love to take my clients around Almere for beautiful pictures. In springtime, we have some lovely places where the trees have abundance blossom, like Almere Buiten at the TerraCottastraat and in Muziekwijk at the station. A couple of time a year, I give a Photo class while walking somewhere in Almere. Anybody is welcome to join and it is free of charge.''

Chris: ''My roots are in Amsterdam and Los Angeles where I took photos of artists for instance for album covers and promotion. But I used several locations in Almere as background for my photography.''

We would like to finish the article with this beautiful saying by Chris: '' Don’t let the camera take the photo but your eye and you will raise above the others.''

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