Chris van de Vooren
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All my clients think I'm pleasant to work with ;-D

Photography is my way of life since it came to me in early age.
After some employments I started freelance in 1973 and had the luck and pleasure to portrait many stars all over the world.

Asked by business companies to make portraits of the board and employees, I developed also other skills in photography such as interior, pack shots and aer... Read more

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Meet Chris

In 1968 Chris van de Vooren started his career in photography as an apprentice to a reportage photographer. Soon he felt attracted to the music. In 1969 he got from a friend the chance to get to... Read more

In 1968 Chris van de Vooren started his career in photography as an apprentice to a reportage photographer. Soon he felt attracted to the music. In 1969 he got from a friend the chance to get to the presentation of the Jackson 5 in Amsterdam. He made his first photographs of the famous band and that was the beginning of a long lasting relationship, because over the years, all Jacksons regularly crossed his path.
With friends, the partnership "A Gentle Look" was launched, but after a while most initiatives came from Chris.
In 1974 he met Ron Heijmans, the PR man of record company Negram. He asked Ron if he allowes him to photograph for his own risk the artists of Negram. The first was the folk group Fungus who just had their hit with "Kaap'ren Sailing". At the bar in his house, he shot one of the photos which later as press photo was purchased.
In February 1975 Chris was asked åif he wanted to make a cover photo for the new album by the George Baker Selection with the subsequent worldwide hit "Paloma Blanca". This was his first assignment. Then many Dutch stars came along for making the cover- and / or publicity photo.
After two visits to Los Angeles Chris decided with the help of friends he had made overseas, in L.A. to try it in California. That worked very well but the U.S. government decided he nudged the bread from the mouth of their own photographers and he received no work permit.
In 1978 Chris came back to the Netherlands and grabbed the wire with the popmagazines and record companies again and he decided to open a studio in Amsterdam.
Now married and richer a daughter he was looking forward to a cleaner environment for his daughter to raise, which was found in Almere. The studio later moved followed with his assistant Arjan. Because of the success the company grew quickly and became more staff assumed. In the years 80 Chris and his team was the most publicized pop photographer from The Netherlands, partly due to the publications abroad.
In 1992 Chris decided to bring everything under a Ltd. The new company name, after consulting with his old friends, was called Gentle Look.
The activities were expanded to photography in TV productions and Gentle Look got customers from the media world. The four photographers went from TV production to pop concert and in the studio, it was mostly a friendly bunch.
Also companies had an interest in their photography by Chris.
Many CEO's and boards are photographed by Chris, or he is asked to do the gallery of all employees of the company.
Since the years 80, Chris is an avid golfer. The course is for him a nice meeting with many business relationships and Famous Dutch. An excellent opportunity to work with fun interwoven. He is increasingly being asked to work on recruiting celebrities for golf tournaments. Meanwhile Chris organized 9 tournaments abroad with golfing celebrities and a select number of journalists invited. Also TV Attention is given to this tournament.

Hobbies: Golf, cooking, good food and wine, traveling, photography