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Portraits leave a lasting impression. They’re a way to present yourself to the outside world, whether that’s among potential customers, clients or employers, or even just within your social network. To make sure you’re delivering the right message, find a portrait photographer near you to take the perfect picture. A professional portrait can mean the difference between being taken seriously or not being considered, at all.

Working with a portrait photographer, you can have your picture taken to reflect the best version of yourself, no matter whether you prefer to use studio photography or environmental portraiture, indoor or outdoor photos, business portraits, fashion photography or formal family photos.

With Truefie, you can search for photographers near you, and see the kinds of portraits they’ve taken before. Find the photographer who best matches the style of formal portraits you want – no matter whether you’re looking for professional, formal, fun, or even a special request like a holiday theme!

Truefie is a platform where you can conveniently compare photographers for every budget and can book a photoshoot for an honest price. We guarantee the quality of the shoot, handle the payment and transfer the usage rights of the photos to you.

And most importantly: if you're not satisfied with the results we will refund your money!