Choosing the right tool for the job is a big part of getting great photos. But having so many brands and types out there can be confusing. Its important to figure out what type of images you want to take. The secret of today’s photography industry is that there are no bad photo cameras. Under the right conditions any camera can deliver great-looking images. Where cameras differ enormously is in how well-suited they are to the types of photos you like to take, how convenient they are to bring with you, and how easy they are to use.

Why not take photos with phone?

There's nothing wrong with the cameras in smartphones. The best smartphones have really good cameras built for photo and video making. The thing to remember though is that it's not all about the amount of megapixels you have – a smartphone with a 8MP camera or above is all you need to produce sharp, detailed shots for Facebook and Twitter, while you can even produce moderately-sized, decent quality prints to hang on your wall if you get a shot you really love.

Bigger sensor

DSRL has many advantages over compact camera. Main advantages are photo quality and more possibilities. DSLR cameras usually have bigger sensors than compact cameras. Producing bigger sensor is more expensive. Here comes first difference in price compared to compact cameras. But what does bigger sensor give us? Even if both cameras have same amount of megapixels then DSLR camera sensor pixels are physically bigger. So is bigger the area that gets the light meaning that they can manage even in dark. That results to less noise on photos.

Bigger sensor enables wider dynamic range, meaning that between white and black it captures more tones. That means more details in shadows and sky and other light objects are not overexposed. Bigger sensor requires bigger camera body and bigger lens, because lens has to project to a much bigger sensor area.

Camera lenses that can be changed.

The fact that DSRL camera requires bigger lenses is not necessarily bad thing. First of all bigger lenses have bigger light stream. Having little light is most of the cases the reason why photos technically fail. Big lens is a good thing. But most importantly those lenses can be changed! Its is basically impossible to make a lens that is perfect for every situation. Every lens requires different approach. Universal camera lenses take away the quality.

Other advantages

Faster speed while focusing automatically or shooting multiple photos at the same time. As soon as a button is pressed-the photo is taken. DSRL cameras also have viewfinder, that enables to see the image in details.

But still: what kind of mirror camera to choose?

Each camera manufacturer has its hit products, so its impossible to say which is better Nikon or Canon or SONY etc. Most important is to know your needs and what you want to shoot. Buying a mirror camera means creating a base fro your equipment storage. In future It is possible to buy all sorts of extra equipment depending on the needs. Extra equipment is reasonable to buy second hand, because the items are cheaper there. Most second hand lenses can be found for canon brand and secondly Nikon. That also makes it easier to later sell the equipment.

How expensive should a camera be?

Most importantly it is not a camera that takes good photos, it is the photographer! High end camera doe not guarantee perfect images. It is reasonable to buy a camera body that is affordable, so its possible to invest in different lenses afterwards.

Live View and video

It is possible to see an image on LCD screen,for that search for live view possibility. Sometimes the panel can even be adjusted under different angels. It is a useful option if possible. Having a video option is really handy. In most cases DSRL cameras have full HD video and its possible to get beautiful and movie like image.

Try before buy!

Before making the final decision. Some might seem to heavy or too light. Buttons may seem uncomfortable and some functions hidden. Buying a mirror camera is not cheap and that is a good reason to make smart choices to get the best price.

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