Photography is all about what one sees. People see the same thing differently. For example if a regular class group photo is shown to different people, then people will notice and pay attention to different aspects. Some might first see the overall composition, some might see the brightest colors, some notice faces of the students and some notice the tallest person in the group. Photographers job is to notice and see more than an average person and to make a viewer learn through its photos. Seeing is the basic skill a photographer needs to have in order to work and succeed. Good news is that seeing can be improved. It is true that some people just have natural talent in noticing things, but hard work and strong willpower always beats talent that is lazy. Learning to see more requires stepping out of the comfort zone. Systematic practice to notice more gives good results. It can be done with simple things like color of the sunrise on different days. Or noticing small bugs in a garden that normally would be missed. Noticing and creating connections between compositions, ideas and situations is a key to creating nice pictures.

Communication skills

Whenever a photographer creates an image the next photography tip is to get it published. Nowadays with social media and internet there are many ways to present images. Blogs, forums, groups, platforms just to name a few. The only 'problem' is that now everyone is a photographer. Technology is getting cheap and many visual platforms are for free use. This is a good thing because creativity and art has no borders and people can express themselves easily. But it makes pro photographers life difficult. They need to invest and explain endlessly why people should pay for their services. Here is why communication skill is one of the major characteristics. The person with more contacts, better skills gets the work and exposure needed to continue with this profession.

Capability to find details

Even a landscape photo in a big plan must have details. If we set two landscape photos side by side then the one that has special detail will stand out. The reason for this is that nowadays we are overwhelmed by visual information and seeing something unique is rather rare. There are plenty of landscape and nature photos. After a while they might seem the same unless there is a special detail that stand out. A professional and good photographer can photograph a regular field in a way that it still looks unique by leaving a dog or maybe an abandoned house on the photo. Photography tip is that noticing these details will give photo a new dimension within a second. If a photographer does n’ t search for details then the photo loses part of its attractiveness

Ability to work with people

Photographing people differs widely from shooting nature or animals. Shooting landscape is a relationship between surrounding environment and a photographer.Taking photos of people means active communication and understandin the models characteristics. Its important to notice how a person in front of the camera reacts to ideas and suggestions. Sometimes photographer might visualize a perfect shot but reaching that goal might take lot of time. Working with nature depends a lot on unpredictable circumstances like for example weather and if the animal runs or is steady in front of the camera. With models it all is based on collaboration. Model must understand that she/he maybe is not doing anything wrong, could be that the photographer has to explain the assignments better. So it is important to have good communication skills, empathy and understanding skills. If those things don’t exist then then the model might feel low, frustrated or even anger towards the shoot.

Urge to work with new environments

It is true that there are photographers who work really good in one environment during a long time period. For example it can be an area in nature that is well known for a photographer or someones home studio. Yet comfort zone is never good for any creativity. Discovering new surroundings can lead a photographer to new perspective in terms of work and also for photography in general. It is not a coincidence that a lot of photographers travel around the world and therefor their portfolios change for better. It is said that a good photographer takes 2 trips a year for a purpose to make develop the skills and understandings.

Capability to fail and to learn from it

Professional people know that doing something that seems scary or complicated in the beginning is actually half winning.Many people forget about that knowledge and stay in their comfort zone, that might not give a bigger development. Some people know that failure is the key to learning and finding your way to the goals. For example posting photos online of test shots and experiments can bring negative feedback. But that is exactly what helps professional to see the mistakes and develop from it. Or to run late for a shoot teaches to be more punctual. Failing is much easier to deal with if it has no client contract behind it. Good models are willing to go over borders to try how different styles and locations. Its important to keep an open mind and not to expect too much.

Thinking global

Due to internet there are no borders for countries in photography world. Many web platforms have services of professional photographers. If a photographer works with different nationalities then its important to understand cultural context and regional differences. A good photographer understands the symbols in different environments and cultures.

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