Fairly new art form and an exciting developments in photography in the last years is drone. It basically allows a person to 'see as a bird' using figurative speech. Camera in the heights gives a chance to capture viewpoints never seen before! Photos taken on the ground can’t show the surrounding as good as a drone photo that has been shot from the air with nice weather. The fast development of technology has made drone photography easily accessible to and super popular. Flying a drone is a lot of fun, but also allows to get really creative.

Beginners guide:

It's smart to start with small, affordable ''toy'' drone to get the basic understanding and to practice. Cheap toy-drone is a perfect way to figure out if this is something that really gives a deeper interest or not. Capturing photos with a drone takes time and countless experiments. There are some important aspects when learning to fly a drone: Pay attention. Check that camera batteries are full, calibration is done, GPS lock is on and keep an eye on the direction of the drone. Be careful. Any mistake can ruin the drone. It is easy to get too exited and that may cause loosing the drone or braking it. Hopefully without insuring anyone. Keep distance. From people, especially masses, electric lines, antennas, buildings and air ports. Follow the weather forecast. Don' t fly with strong wind. Note that on higher level the wind is many times stronger and it might carry the drone away. When at seaside, then be follow the direction of the find. If it is blowing towards the sea then choose a different time.

Use protection gear. Propeller fuses help protect the drone as well as people. Keep an eye on battery. Land instantly when drone sends a warning. Start closer. For practice it is better to try keep the height a and distance around 40 meters. Never go over 150 meters. This is forbidden without special permission. Because from that distance helicopters and planes may fly and drone can cause accidents.

Which drone to buy?

There is a vast range of drones on the market. Simple rule is: think through the needs and that determines the price level and specific model. There are low-cost models that will take very basic images, up to the drones with DSLR cameras in the sky. DJI is a company that has gained a large market. Their the Phantom 3 series models are the most popular drone in the world.

Rules and Regulations

Good light and non windy weather are the main things to follow while flying drones. This is the main rule by nature. But there are also many rules made by governments to keep everybody safe. Most countries have rules to follow. It’s suggested you check with your local air safety authorities for particular details in your area.

The general rule of thumbs are the following: Drone must always be in Line of Sight (LOS) –meaning a drown owner must always be able to see it. Maximum Height 133 meters (400 feet) Never fly over groups of people Respect others privacy No flying anywhere near airports and other no-fly zones as specified in each country

Creative use of drone photos

Drone photography gives a totally new way to interpret the world. Yet basic composition principles still apply! Following the weather and leading lines, colors, symmetry, patterns and adding some unique point of view is a true challenge. Drone photography is used for real estate, logistic, landscapes and manufacture businesses, who want to show different perspective and environment of their work. Drone photography does not require summer weather. There are just different aspects to keep in mind during winter. Best image doesn't always mean big heights. Besides buildings and landscapes its interesting to photograph people as well. Using a subject to give a sense of scale is a powerful tool to forward ideas of humans in nature.

People try out drone photography for different reasons. Some people get tired of it fast. It is important to have some sort of photography or nature photography interest before investing in a drone. Drone is much more pretentious than regular camera. Having a previous photography experience is supporting drone photography, but if there is an interest then everything can be learned.

Creativity in the drone space has only just begun to scratch the surface. With this relatively new art form, there are so many ways to go about shooting. Finding like-minded people, getting inspired by others, and learning from those who are doing interesting photos.

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