Every person is beautiful. Although sometimes it may not seem so, because of the wrong moment of capturing the photo. Looking good gives advantages but true beauty comes from inside!

People often say and thing that they are not photogenic. But most of the cases it is just wrong moment captured by a wrong photographer. Especially it can happen when a person is photographed during a party, during eating or another unexpected situation. It is true that some people look better than others on the photos, but it is more connected to the general balance in life and also experience in front of camera.

Posing on the photos

Posing as taking exact positions in front of the camera should be left to professional models. With family sessions the most important part is good mood, energy and nice vibe. No need to practice special poses for a family shoot. Natural way of being makes people look happy and beautiful. It might take some time to ‘get into the mood’ of a photo shoot, if that happens then photos start becoming more creative and natural. It is true that some positions look better on photos than others, yet it is still important to come to them naturally and not force oneself into it. If a person in front of a camera feels relaxed and happy then it will shine on the photos. The other reason why avoid giving poses is to find each persons unique way of being. Giving exact poses might sound easier but the end result comes more interesting when a person acts free. If a client is aware that some facial expressions don't look good then it's wise to talk about it to the photographer before the shoot. For example if the profile doesn't look good, large smile or being shot from lower angle. The way people see themselves and the way photographer sees might be completely different.

Clothes and accessories on the photo shoot

Dressing up nicely gives a person a better looking appearance and also a better overall feeling. The last one is more important. It is important to look good to feel good during a photo session. If someone uses accessories in everyday life then most likely they would give the photo some personality as well.

When coming to a photo session with a big group then it is important to keep the harmony in clothing. For example if everyone looks colorful then the overall impression can be pretty crazy and might not feel balanced. Yet of only one is colorful and the rest are simple then it is a good way to bring out that one person ( good for example on birthday photos).Most cases it is also important to think about the shoes. When shooting in studio it is necessary to take extra pair of shoes. If the shoot is barefoot then the outfit has to be suitable. It could also be interesting to use colorful or designed socks.

Make up

Make up for photos are stronger than usual every day make up. It is wise to contact make up artist if you need make up for photo shoot. Its best to do the make up right before the shoot at the same location. It is even possible to do a fantasy make up or body painting.

Most of the people still come to photographer without special make up. With just their natural looks. It is good if a photographer or client has a powder to avoid shine. If you are doing a make up yourself then better keep it simple and natural. Really glossy and shiny make up usually doesn’t look beautiful on photo unless it is a special concept. It is also a good idea to pay attention to the hair.

Accessories and props

Usually studios have a selection of props. But the best ones are the ones client takes along. For example kids favorite toys. Props give more playful energy and relaxed atmosphere. Props don’ t need to be on photos, but are there more for extra elements to create a special mood in front of the camera. Sometimes props are mandatory to create a theme for example medieval topic.


The result of the session depends really on how much time clients have. Mostly first half hour goes to getting comfortable with the camera, photographer and setting. After the second half its possible to see some results on the photos. Sometimes it happens that the first shot is the best one, but it can be only a luck. Best is to take time and prepare. Then there is time to change clothes and try different angles and light schemes.

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