Bride wearing a white dress while kissing the groom, just married couple walking the beach hand in hand etc. We all know the wedding traditions and classical wedding photos. Let’s analyze different approaches on weddings in this article:

No photographer. And no photos made by guests.This could be quite interesting approach.  This way wedding will have no photos, only stories to tell to next generations. No cameras are allowed in the wedding.

Someone from the guests will take photos. For example with their compact camera or phone. If the couple does not care so much about photos than this option is a good idea to consider.

A friend is taking photos. It is very common that someone from the guests or family members has photography hobby.

Good and  not expensive wedding photographer. This combination can happen. Here are some extra questions: what is good and what is not expensive? It is possible to find  this combination after long hours of research. A good photographer can be found amongst beginners as well as talented pros. For sure this option gives couple of good photos and the rest is satisfactory too.

Photographer for beauty sessions and registration. Most photographers offer special package for registration, beauty session, ceremony and group photos. It is much cheaper than hiring a photographer for the whole wedding day.

Photographer for the whole day. The most safe way is to let a pro capture the whole day. A pro knows what to capture. The images have quality and photographer is always there when needed. Pro wedding photographer can also help planning the wedding. Sometimes this also includes a second shooter with another camera.

Wedding photographer with sessions before and after wedding. This may seem a weird idea, but actually it is less stress free and creative than the actual wedding day.

Wedding album. This has different options. Best idea is to imagine time after wedding and think about what would look nice in the album. What is the general style of the album? Is it cosy home made photos or pro level overview? Is it about the whole ceremony or only the beauty shots. Is it important to capture the whole day from makeup to the last dance? Or maybe the couple has some special wish?

Trash the dress. The idea of ruin the dress for a photoshoot after the wedding has grown into a worldwide TTD movement.These examples include going into the water, climbing the hills in nature with the white dress etc. More couples these days are favoring the un-styled, un-planned moments of the wedding rather than the prescribed agenda of highly organized groups of people staring at the camera.

The general truth is that best solution comes after research and thinking. It is wise to prepare for the day, since there is no second chance.

How to choose a wedding photographer?

There is no single truth to this. It is sometimes good to invite a friend who knows the couple, sometimes it is good to invite a well known pro. It really depends on the budget and wishes.If going for the professional photographer, then it is wise to start researching different portfolios and choose which one is favourite. Each photographer has different style. There are two main styles for wedding sessions. First one is classical and clear. Even the face expressions are typical. Photos will come out classy and correct. The second option is more creative. More freedom. Poses come spontaneously and the couple feels more relaxed. Photos are not so planned and feel more unique. Of course wedding session can be also a combination of these two types.

The big question of that important day is price and planning. Best way to judge a photographer is to see if you like the images.A photographer may have expensive camera, but it’s no use if the right ‘’feel’’ is missing. Photographers who ask the highest price may  not make the best images, because it always depends on the taste of the client. The second important part is the personality of a photographer.  Good images are born in collaboration. If the price is below average then it is wise to ask what it contains. Maybe you have to pay extra later. Cheaper price might lower the quality level. It is wise to contact the photographer early on. To see if the date is free and available. Sometimes pro photographers are booked even a year before. If the selection is done then it is mandatory to meet the photographer in real life. This gives both sides an overview of hopes and needs.

Most common is that the couple chooses wedding day for beauty shoot. The  makeup and hair is freshly done. The flowers are new, the dress and suit look its best. Beauty shoot takes couple of hours. Best time for this session is couple of hours before the sun goes down. This light gives more romantic feeling.

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