Photography has many rules. One of the rules is that there is no rules. Many photographers start their journey by studying and learning from the masters of the photo art. But many eventually are happy to create their own personal photographic style, rather than just copying others. This requires experimentation with the camera, learning, effort and of course creativity. Rather than just capturing a scene a photographers role is also to develop a character and style in their work and focus on the role mood can play in image making. Directing the image is especially important in fashion phoography.

About posing

Usually it is said that standing straight in front of the camera is not a good idea, because this pose has no character. Of course this does not apply to passport photo. It is important to control your posture. Not to look like Quasimodo or too soft during a photo shoot. Some tension is always good and gives more self confident look. Insecurity can easily be avoided by practising poses in front of the mirror. It is a good way to figure out which angle fits the appearance and which does not. If posing alone then its important to keep head high and shoulders back. Straight body in semi/profile gives always a more thinner effect. If posing with someone else then relaxing and avoiding stupid faces and fake smiles is a good start. Also good idea to pay attention to fingers, usually people don’ t know what to do with their hands. Thinking of positive things will reflect on photos.

About the looks

Everyone wants to look good in front of the camera. So it is wise to do some preparation before the photo shoot and think through the options. First think about what to wear. It is smart to wear something that fits the body type and is its right size. Do you want to bring out some features? Contact a stylist for best advice. Make up can also be important. But it also depends on the style of photos. If looking for dramatic black and white image then make up is maybe not the main thing. But fresh and natural make up is always good. To bring out eyes and lips. To avoid shine use powder. It is maybe good idea to give hair a bit fluffiness.

What else to consider

Just as a person can have varying moods, so too, can a photograph. Either can experience a feeling of intense action, solitude, serenity, or danger. Different backgrounds can help with creating different looks. For example sunset is always romantic. Photo shoot during daytime should always be done in a shadow. That avoids too sharp contrast in the face. A thick fog can add so much to a shot that when people look at the image, they know exactly what the experience was like when the photo was taken. The drama added by fog can be brought about in several ways: the darker, more ominous and threatening the sky, the more drama and mood in the resulting photos.

Aside from using quirks of weather, shooting any single subject standing in a large area will create an instantaneous feeling of isolation in almost everyone. It does not matter what that one subject is, but the smaller it is in the scene, the greater the feeling of isolation and loneliness. Another subject that has automatic impact is running water. What creates a feeling of mood in one person might not work that way in another. The same can be said when you ask multiple people what mood they feel when looking at a given photo.

Back and white or color

It is a simple fact of life that some images work best in monochrome and some in color. Part of photographers job in image making is to work out which is which. So shooting in full color with the camera and converting it later to black and white is an option. The images don't have to be technically perfect, when they either capture or create a mood that “speaks” to the viewer. Also a viewer may interpret photographs as having a very different mood or message from the one artist intended.

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