When is the best time to be a photographer? There is no specific time. What matters is the passion from what you do. It does not depend on age, hair colour or nationality. There are always opportunities in front .Taking photos is one of the few fields where college degrees aren't as important as a good eye, passion,  a quality product and self-discipline.It is not so expensive to buy a SRL camera any more. This is also a fact why nowadays ‘’everyone is a photographer’. Some might find it daunting, some take it as a challenge.

It is of course better to start your career younger, simply because then there is more time to practise. But it is definitely never too late! Life experience and wisdom gives a different approach to the final images. For example it can add certain ‘deepness’ and more meaningfulness. By following your passion, the rest will follow!  Photographer captures moments, so it does not matter what season it is outside. Photos never get old. Everything seen on photo stays the same through time. Being a good photographer is not about time, but about sensibility and vision. Photographer is one big artist and director.

Having photography  as a career is not cheap and is important to make up your mind about what to shoot.There is no point in buying ‘all the gear out there’’. More important is to focus on the strongest skills and be aware of possibilities. Besides technology there are many other things photographer needs: good communication skills, ability to react and learn fast, creative mindset and positive attitude.

Portrait photographers take pictures of people, either individually or in groups. They may specialize in specific types of portraiture, like weddings, events, or corporate portraits. It is quite common that portrait photographers also edit and print photos after the shoot. Photographers are often self-employed and may work in their own studios or on location. Photographers have online and printed portfolios to showcase their photos. Freelance photographers have flexible schedules, but work may fluctuate based on the time of year. For example, there is a huge need for wedding portrait photographers in the summer, but not much opportunities for this career in February.

Portrait photographers sooner or later  face a question: ‘’Is the subject  photogenic or not?’’. Photogenic doesn't have to do with the way people look, but instead how they feel and behave in front of the camera. Photographer’s job and true talent lies into breaking down those barriers, help people feel confident, and then find the angles, poses, and lighting to highlight that individual’s strengths.

Here are some basic points for every portrait photo enthusiasts to  follow:

Connecting with the subject is one of the key factors for successful image. Get to know the model! Getting along with the model helps to create a nice atmosphere  for posing. Good portrait is much more than just technique and lighting gear. It starts with a challenge to connect with the subject. Keeping a model updated about new ideas and workflow will give a good synergy. Best images are the results of collaboration. Sometimes advanced research on subjects background is needed. Knowing what the model likes and dislikes, what passions, interests and preferences client has can lead to much better photo’ s.

Planning ahead. Prepare a set and lighting. Before shooting think through where to shoot and what kind of light to use. A decent plan for creative concept as well as technical approach is highly valuable. Of course the plan can and will change during the shoot, but every professional has at least an overall idea  of what is the shoot going to be about. Think through if the shoot is going to be in studio, outdoors or indoors? Are there any natural light involved? What backdrops are available? For example early mornings and late afternoons are the best times for outdoor portrait photo’s.

Eyes. If the light brings out the eyes then you are halfway there. The eyes have been called the “windows to the soul.” You could have the perfect composition and exposure, but if the eyes aren’t sharp, the entire image suffers.It is also important to try to shoot on the eye level of the model.This is especially important when shooting kids. Getting the camera down to kids level will make  images more personal and less imposing. The same is true for adults.

Environment. Clever photographer makes any surrounding work. Still it is wise to think what kind of background suits the model and concept.

Lighting. Although natural light can give amazing results it is still good to keep a reflector on side. Same goes with flash. For sure avoid sharp shadows (midday sun, flash into the face etc)

Depth of field. The biggest advantage of having  a SRL camera is possibility to play with depth of field.  To bring out the eyes or blur out the background – there are millions of possibilities.

Poses. Unnatural pose (in most cases the hands) make the photo loose its charm. Keep eyes on the pose, direct the model,   yet leave room for creativity

The Classic Look of Black & White. In situations where the available lighting makes it impossible to attain a pleasing white balance, converting to black-and-white is a good option. “There is something timeless about a black-and-white photo’ s. It eliminates the distraction of color and puts all the emphasis on the subject.

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